Sunday, 12 June 2011

I was in New York? This picture might be joke!!!!
Can't buy those expensive clothings but i can have them in pictures!!!!
Renaissance Hotel Aruba

Aruba's Pride-Aruba Lotions

Daughter, will you like these shoes?

Barcelona Clothes

Asian Vs. Caucasian!!! LOL!
Costs of some rings in Aruba... Anyone interested? Aruba is known for its vast collection of all expensive stones with unique designs crafted by very articulate jewelers........

Just trying to be one among them!!!!!!!


  1. wow....ang bongga moder!!!!!
    I love your new pix...

  2. Wow, I would love to read this one. I find the subject fascinating and would love to know more about the latest studies and research.
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  3. Hi moder! Thanks for the history of Filipinos in Aruba, very interesting.
    My wife and I will be going to Aruba for the very first time in a few weeks (mag pa pa itim kami). Do you recommend any good Filipino restaurants?


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